Inksun was established in December 2003. Its main focus is in the inkjet market, and it was the first company to introduce spongeless ink cartridges in continuous ink supply systems. In 2007, Inksun started to invest in UV LED light curing inkjet printers, applying them to all kinds of materials in response to the market's varying demands. Regardless of system type, model, or function, Inksun can fulfil all customer demands. Its stringent quality controls and professional technical R&D have earned it great international repute, with clients from China, Australia, Japan, and Thailand. Inksun insists on continuous technological advancement, always refining its machines and reducing error rates, producing the best equipment for its partners at reasonable and affordable prices.

In 2013, Inksun entered into partnership with EPSON Taiwan, providing the highest quality Direct-to-Garment and transfer printing techniques, thus significantly lowering the entry threshold for business partners interested in garment printing and individual styling. With these convenient and easy-to-use machines, and Inksun's rich experience in production and product development, they are able to provide the best services in the industry.

Inksun has its own 600m² print house in Taipei, where it provides UV sampling and production, thermoprinting equipment maintenance, thermal transfer contract services, production equipment warehouse, and output device sales and maintenance. They also provide related information, and professional consultation across the production line.

Inksun's core values are customer care, environmental friendliness, respect, and team spirit, with a constant thirst for innovation and challenges, breaking barriers in notion and vision to provide you with unexpected excellence  in service and production.