UV curing inkjet printer | Inksun

Inksun Technology Co., Ltd. was established in December 2003

The main product focuses on the inkjet market and is the first company to use a sponge-free ink cartridge for continuous ink supply.

Since 2007, we have been committed to the development of UV LED light-curing inkjet printers and applied them to various materials to cope with the changing market.

Regardless of any system, any model, any function, Xunke can be close to customer requirements.

The rigorous quality control and professional R&D technology are well recognized by all walks of life at home and abroad. In addition to the mainland, customers also cover many countries such as Australia, Japan, Thailand....

In terms of technology, Xunke adheres to the belief of continuous growth and learning, making machinery and equipment more sophisticated and durable and reducing failure rates.

Produce the best machines for industry partners, and more importantly, we provide reasonable and cost-effective prices.

In 2013, it became a distribution partner with Taiwan Aipusheng, providing the highest quality textile direct printing machine and transfer equipment,

It makes it easier for partners who are interested in clothing transfer or personalized products to get started, and the equipment is simple and convenient to operate.

We have a wealth of production experience and product development to provide services to all partners.

We have 180 square meters of working space in Banqiao, Taipei, providing UV proofing production, hot stamping equipment maintenance and thermal transfer foundry services.

A series of production equipment inventory and output equipment sales and maintenance can also provide related information inquiries and professional knowledge of the entire production process.

Inksun’s business philosophy is to uphold the customer first, cherish the earth’s resources, respect the individual, continue to innovate and accept challenges.

Break through your own cognition and vision, give full play to the power of the group, and continue to provide products and services that exceed your expectations and imagination.