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Epson SureColor SC-F2130 Fabric Direct Jet Printing Machine

◎Support white ink printing-color T can be printed.
◎Simultaneous printing with color ink and white ink-At the same time, quality and speed can be taken into consideration, which can save up to 35%* of time compared with previous generation models. (*Print size: 10x8 inches, the print speed is measured from the start of printing to the completion of the ink jet)
◎Automatic intelligent maintenance mode-reduce the waiting time caused by cleaning.
◎Epson's original environmentally friendly ink-in line with OEKO-TEX® Passport certification, baby clothes can also be printed.
◎The most user-friendly operating software-even beginners can get started right away.

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Model : Epson SureColor SC-F2130

EPSON fabric direct-injection printing machine, brand new upgrade and evolution!

Epson SureColor SC-F2130 can directly print high-resolution quality prints on fabrics,

Exquisite imaging and accurate color, T-Shirt, sweatshirt, environmental protection bag, hand towel,

Infant products can be printed, and the application is wide and the business opportunities are unlimited!

*The fabric must have more than 50% cotton content

Print and take, easy to realize exclusive creativity

Meet the needs of a small number of diverse orders and bring you new business opportunities!

XX"" LCD-You can use the 1.44"" LCD to preview, edit and print photos without turning on the computer.
Built-in Ethernet-Easily establish connections with work teams and share content via Ethernet.
Provide 1-year limited warranty-register the product to get an additional one-year limited warranty.
PrecisionCore-equipped with PrecisionCore
USB Hi-speed

Good news: From now on, every purchase of F2130 will get a Brother ScanNcut CM900! ! !

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Product Name-Epson SureColor SC-F2130 Fabric Direct Jet Printing Machine

Product Model-Epson SureColor SC-F2130

Number of nozzles-3600 nozzles(360 nozzles x 10 lines x 1 head)

Maximum resolution-1440x1440 dpi (white ink), 1440x720 dpi (color ink)

Ink type-Pigment ink

Ink name-Epson UltraChrome®DG ink

Ink colors-cyan, magenta, yellow, black, white

Ink capacity-250ml, 600ml

Maximum printing range-

Large printing platen (406mm x 508mm)
Medium printing platen (356mm x 406mm)
Small printing platen (254mm x 305mm)
Mini printed flat plate (178mm x 203mm)
Sleeve printing platen (102mm x 102mm)
Printing material thickness-up to 25.0mm

Severity resistance-up to 1.5kg

Recommended material-cotton 50% (blend) ~ cotton 100%

Control Panel-Size 2.5 inch LCD control panel

Panel resolution-320x240 pixels

Output interface-Hi-Speed USB2.0 x2 (PC x1, For USB flash drive x1), 100BASE-TX/10BASE-T

Memory-512MB for printer, 128MB for network

Environmental conditions-temperature 10℃~35℃, standby -20℃~40℃, humidity 20~80%, standby 5-85%

Machine size-width 985mm x depth 1,425mm x height 490mm (covers closed)

Model weight-about 85kg

Electricity demand-voltage/frequency AC100-240V 50/60HZ 0.7-0.4A

Power consumption-running: about 55W, standby: about 22W, sleep: about 10W, shutdown: about 0.5W

Noise-During operation, about 43.9dB(A)

Operating system-Windows7 or later, MacOS X 10.10 (Yosemite)) or later

Supported file formats-jpg, tiff, png, bmp


C12C933921 large printing platen (406x508mm)
C12C933931 printed flat plate (356x406mm)
C12C933941 small printing platen (254x305mm)
C12C933951 Mini printed flat plate (178x203mm)
C12C933961Polo printing platen (356x406mm)
C12C933971 Mini printed flat plate (102x102mm)
C12C934151 fabric leveler


C13T736000 cleaning ink (700ml)
C13T736200 maintenance kit
C13S092001 nozzle cleaning group
C13S092021 filter
C13T736100 pretreatment liquid
C13T724000 waste ink tank
C13S210075 non-slip sticker-L
C13S210075 non-slip sticker-M
C13S210075 non-slip sticker-S

Easy to be a boss without capital, exclusive fashion brand self-printing

Keep improving, give you the best trend experience

There are three options for ink configuration

CMYK+W four colors + white ink, white T and color T can be printed.
CMYK four-color mode, suitable for printing white T.
CCMMYK four-color dual-supply mode is suitable for printing white T and supports higher production capacity.

Original environmentally friendly ink EpsonUltraChrome DG Ink

SureColorSC-F2130 complies with the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 international safety agency standards,
The fabric/T-Shirt printed with the original UltraChromeDG ink is completely harmless to the human body (including babies).
Epson's ink and print head technology specially developed for cotton fabrics is stable and reliable.

At present, the market is flooded with other brand inks of unknown ingredients, which may contain carcinogens.
Direct contact with the skin through clothing can cause serious harm to the human body.

The simple and easy-to-operate Garment Creator printing software has evolved

Diversified printing modes: can be matched according to quality requirements, four colors + white ink settings, a total of 18 printing modes can be selected,
Allows you to strike a perfect balance between production speed and quality
New text input function: input text as you want, change the font, color and position, and diversify your design.
The function of printing the same picture is newly added: it is necessary to place and match different pictures to meet various design needs.

Automatic maintenance mode, so you no longer waste time and effort

SureColor SC-F2130 is equipped with cleaning fluid in the machine normally, and the cleaning and maintenance mechanism is started regularly.
Significantly improve the time spent on maintenance, increase work efficiency, reduce the chance of nozzle clogging, and reduce maintenance costs.
In addition to automatic cleaning, the ink circulation has also been improved to increase the circulation frequency and shorten the circulation time.
Make the work schedule more stable, no need to stop work and wait for a long ink circulation.

Dust collection device to protect the nozzle from dust loss

If the lint and dust of the fabric come into contact with the print head, it may cause the print head to be clogged and ink dripping.
SureColor SC-F2130 is equipped with a dust collecting device, which absorbs dust on the surface while printing.
And through the regular removal of the cleaning cloth roll, the dust is kept away from the nozzle, and the nozzle is indeed protected.

Automatic nozzle cleaning system

SureColor SC-F2130 has a built-in automatic cleaning system to protect the print head from wearing out, while providing stable printing quality.
It is easy to maintain and save manpower and cost. The nozzle cleaning plate air filter.

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Consumers can design their own unique prints through intuitive touch devices,
Combined with Epson SureColor SC-F2130, fabric printing can be completed quickly.

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