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This year's 2020 National Day main visual design

The main visual design for the National Day 2020 is based on the theme of "Democratic Taiwan, Proud of Taiwan, 2020 Proud of Taiwan".

The designer of Zeng Guozhan takes the sonic lines of "sound" as the core of the design, symbolizing Taiwan’s years of democratic transformation.

The diverse voices of the public are heard by you, me and the government through various platforms and channels.

"Transmitting the Voice of Multiple Democracy"

The main vision of this National Day uses "multiple voices" throughout the design concept. Voice is a tool for the people to defend their rights and demonstrate democratic values.

Therefore, the sonic lines of "sound" are used as the main body in the design expression. In terms of color, the main colors are glory gold and warm orange.

It reveals the democratic glory of the Republic of China and the warmth and kindness of Taiwanese; the complementary colors of lake green and elegant purple represent calmness, rationality and calmness and nobility, respectively.

Reference material: https://www.wowlavie.com/Article/AE2001358