"EPSON TM-C3510 Inkjet Color Label Printer" product introduction tea party.

Event Date: 2019/05/29

Venue: "Angel Mom Handmade Soap Classroom"-1st Floor, No. 12, Lane 32, Minxiang Street, Zhonghe District, New Taipei City

Today I am very grateful to EPSON and Hongling for sponsoring Xunke Technology in the Angel Mom Handmade Soap Classroom.

"EPSON TM-C3510 Inkjet Color Label Printer" product introduction tea party.


I believe that friends who are doing DIY by hand must have the same troubles. The traditional printing plant to make labels and stickers has a limited minimum print volume to make them.

Or maybe you want to increase the packaging texture of the product, and you can print a bunch of packaging stickers and find that it is not applicable.

Moreover, the increase in the items of hand-made products has led to the hoarding of a lot of product label stickers or outer packaging stickers in the home...

This "EPSON TM-C3510 Inkjet Color Label Printer" can solve the above troubles and problems.

EPSON’s TM-C3510 inkjet color label printer is compact, lightweight, and does not take up space.

The main appeal is to design for manufacturers whose products have a "small and diverse" commodity nature. The label printing operation is simple and it needs to be printed as much as possible.

No fear of waste or hoarding at all. The most important thing is that full-color waterproof ink does not have to worry about the problem of water fading in the printed labels.

Of course, the printing cost is also a bargain price. The cost of printing a 10x8cm sticker is less than one yuan (including label paper and ink).

I heard that Taiwan Bodanni used this 3510 for some of their products before.


This time we are in the Angel Mother Handmade Soap Classroom. In addition to hand soap, there are also teaching art candles.

The label sticker printed by the labeling machine can be directly attached to the candle body and it is not easy to fall off, which makes the overall texture of the candle greatly UPUP.

I don’t know if you have this kind of experience that is attracted by the exquisite packaging when buying goods on the Internet or in the store, which increases the desire to buy.

Just adding a beautiful label sticker can improve the integrity and texture of the product.

It is also a small step for merchandise sales to make purchasers feel the value for money because of the added packaging value.


At present, the labeling machine stickers are made of PP synthetic paper (waterproof and not tearable), PP pearl paper,

Coated paper and transparent PET are very suitable for all kinds of product packaging.

Especially the transparent PET material printed with simple words and pasted on the handmade soap just shows the clear and pure texture of the handmade soap is really beautiful!


"EPSON TM-C3510 Inkjet Color Label Printer" not only can print graphics files,

Even Word documents can be directly printed into labels and stickers. There is no need to operate drawing or typesetting software.

Even the editor is useless when I encounter it, because anyone can easily print Meimei labels and stickers.

And not only label stickers, it can also change the type of use according to the type of paper roll, such as receipt paper roll / black mark positioning paper roll / continuous label /

Printing mode / label / black mark printing mode label / bracelet...


In summary, this EPSON’s new TM-C3510 inkjet color label printer,

Although the price is in the upper middle price, it is a cost-effective choice for long-term investment.

After all, the cost of printing labels is much lower than the outside price, and the problem of not having inventory is how much you need to print.

Coupled with the unstable market volatility, it is very convenient to change the label design or content at any time.

The current hand-held label machine seems to have less color and waterproof printing effect.

Some also need to be cut manually. It is very inconvenient if you accidentally cut a sticker with a hand injury.

Coupled with the fastest printing speed of 103mm (56mm paper width / 360x360dpi) in 1 second, the work time can be greatly reduced.

The editor thinks that in addition to the field of hand-made DIY, it is also suitable for biotech companies, pharmacies, and fresh food supermarkets.

Thanks again here

"Angel Mom Handmade Soap Classroom" provides a beautiful art candle and handmade soap surrounded by flowers and the friends present.

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