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Water pollution refers to the pollution of water bodies (lakes, rivers, oceans, aquifers and groundwater, etc.).
If the pollutants are not treated to remove harmful substances, they are directly or indirectly discharged into the water, which will cause water pollution and environmental degradation.

Water pollution will affect the entire ecosystem, including all animals and plants in the water. This type of impact is not just for individual species or some organisms in a particular area
, Will also have an impact on the entire natural world.

Water pollution is one of the world's major problems, and it is necessary to promote the evaluation and revision of water resources policy at all levels (from international to individual). It is believed that water pollution is
Become the world’s leading cause of death and disease, killing more than 14,000 people every day. It is estimated that in India, about 580 people die every day from water pollution-related
disease. About 90% of China's water resources are polluted. In 2007, 50 million Chinese did not have clean water to drink. Developing countries are facing severe water pollution problems
, The developed countries also have a headache. For example, the latest water quality report in the United States stated that 44% of surveyed streams, 64% of lakes, and 30% of bays and estuaries
Contaminated. The Chinese authorities claimed in 2007 that one-quarter of the seven major rivers in the country were seriously polluted and so toxic that they could harm the skin.

The reason why water is said to be polluted is that it is harmed by human pollutants

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The rise of UV printing has made UV ink a new type of printing ink that has been active in the market in recent years. The emergence of UV ink has brought new developments to many traditional printing industries.
Hopefully, it can almost be called a new epoch-making milestone for the printing industry. The application of UV ink not only changed the traditional printing process, but also expanded
The application area is enlarged, and the problem that the traditional printing process is difficult to solve is solved.

I believe that most people who are using UV printers understand the characteristics of UV inks, and UV inks are more in line with market development needs and future industrial greening
Reduce the environmental protection characteristics of ink to the environment, so that UV ink has lower environmental pollution than traditional printing inks and does not contain volatile organics
Solvents are less harmful to the human body. Although the pollution to the environment is low, such problems cannot be ignored, and they accumulate into more serious pollution.

In recent years, environmental awareness has gradually risen to protect the environment, oceans and land. It is the common goal of global governments. Therefore, our company has found a professional disposal company for waste ink.
The company assists in the recycling of waste ink and hopes to do its part for the sustainability of the earth and the protection of the environment. We sincerely invite you to join the guardian environment
From now on, we will provide the recycling service of UV and textile waste ink for our customers. Everyone is welcome to join us.

Inquiry hotline for waste ink recycling service: 02-29580020 / 0912-594979 Miss Lin

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