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TM-C7510/TM-C7510G Industrial Grade High Speed ​​Color Inkjet Label Printer

Exclusive inkjet technology PrecisionCore
300 mm/s high-speed print output
600 x 1200 dpi high-quality color label output
Diversified paper selection, humanized operation design
Comes with full-cut cutter, can support ZPL II

EPSON TM-C3510 Inkjet Color Label Printer

Inkjet color label printer

Print and paste color labels. Provide a wider range of diversified applications in retail/manufacturing/chemical/warehousing/transportation.

• Brand new four-color separation ink system
•High-speed printing output
• High-quality color label output
•Diversified paper selection
• Humanized operation design
•Small size and high durability

brother ScanNcut

Realizer of creative dreams

ScanNCut Scanning Machine

※ The creative cutting machine of the inner part scanner can make simple, convenient and pleasant manual creation together!

Can cut [paper], [fabric], [silicone]... and other different materials!

A good partner for hand-made creations!

※ Unique function: add Wi-Fi wireless network function

※ The world's first internal parts scanner: [Scan], [Edit], [Picture File], [Cropping] all-round functions,

Humanized technology tools that make hand-made, sewing, customized gifts and paper art creation simpler and easier to surpass creativity.

Built-in scanner-up to 300 DPI
Independent paper and fabric cutting machine, no need to use computer
1,102 built-in designs
11.7 x 11.7 inch large scanning and cropping area
12 x 24 inch large scanning and cropping area
Read SVG and PHC data
Wireless network ready

OKI Color Toner LED Label Printer Pro1050/Prp1040 Professional Color Label Printer

OKI Color Toner LED Label Printer
Pro1050/Prp1040 professional color label printer

Explore new worlds faster and richer
Reduce the total cost of the company's color label production

Pro1050/Pro1040 are platform continuous label printers
Use color toner method (LED electronic display type).
Color printing can be carried out on ordinary label paper instead of specially processed label paper.
Therefore, you can create as many waterproof, high-quality and inexpensive color labels as you need at any time.
In addition, Pro1050 is a five-color model that supports special white, which can produce color labels that cannot be expressed in ordinary colors (the four colors of CMYK) originally produced in-house.
It helps reduce the production and operating costs of identification labels and product labels in various applications.
Use toner-based color LED label printer