Mug heat transfer OEM

Mug heat transfer OEM
Use thermal transfer technology to print the pattern to be transferred on sublimation paper and transfer it onto the mug with high temperature and high pressure.
Suitable for all kinds of festivals and anniversaries, it is a super practical commemorative product that is unbeaten for gifts and personal use.

Material and specifications:
1. Mug color: all white and shiny
2. Mug specifications: about 95mm in height / about 80mm in diameter / about 3mm in wall thickness
3. Mug capacity: about 350cc, dishwasher-resistant
4. The maximum processing range of each mug is 185mm x 85mm
5. All the personalized products of sublimation transfer printing have a special transfer method and large color difference (all normal).
In addition, mixed colors of more than three colors and gray are prone to color shift (all are normal), and they cannot be returned for this reason.
6. The mug is made of ceramic materials, and the burning process will produce burn marks and arc edge bubbles. It is unavoidable. Normal conditions cannot be returned or exchanged.

Price and working hours:
1. OEM price: 250 yuan for each group, and there are discounts for more than 30 groups. (The above prices do not include tax)
2. Each group includes a packaging carton.
3. For a large number of OEMs, please call 02-29580020 / 0912-594979 for additional quotations. Ms. Lin, Business Manager
4. Working days:
Due to the large number of orders, the delivery date is unified on the 4th day after the order is placed (working days do not include Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.)
However, the work schedule will still be arranged according to the on-site situation. If the printing is completed early, the shipment will be notified in advance.
※The delivery date of more than 100 pieces will be ordered separately.
※Urgent items will be charged for urgent items.
5. If there are any defects such as bad printing, please report to our company within 10 days, and we will provide free reprints immediately.
However, other compensations cannot be provided, such as: freight, mental loss, statute of limitations... etc.

Notes for file production:
1. Please adjust the file to the actual printing size. The maximum processing range of each mug is 185mm x 85mm.
2. The problem of insufficient resolution in jpg file printing will affect the fineness of inkjet. It is recommended to provide vector object files. If it is unavoidable, please pay attention before placing an order.
3. Important graphics and texts of the layout content must be at least 5mm away from the edge. If the text object is too close to the edge when it is incomplete, it cannot be reprinted or returned.
4. If the pattern has a frame design, please pay attention to it. The coasters are manually positioned and printed. There may be uneven positioning and offset frames. Please pay attention before placing an order, and it will not be a reason for return.
5. Do not lock the content layer, so as not to cause problems such as dropped pictures and words.
6. When the fonts or strokes are too thin (the stroke setting should not be less than 0.25pt), the printed lines will cause breakage, missing, etc., and the effect will be poor.
7. Special version download link:   Mug

※Please adjust the image file to the actual printing size, 300dpi resolution is better.
※File format: jpg, PDF, AI
※Special note: Dye sublimation is not recommended to be printed in K monochrome or grayscale, because the black ink itself has a little reddish,
Therefore, it is normal that the K monochrome black design will become reddish after sublimation transfer.
※There is also a mug heat transfer machine sold, please contact the service phone.

Safety Precautions
1. The recommended temperature for the mug is 0-100°C (do not freeze and refrigerate at a low temperature and then heat it up quickly, which is easy to crack)
2. Ceramic products are easy to be damaged by impact during transportation, so it is safer to pick them up.

Service Hotline: 02-29580020 / 0912-594979 Business Manager Miss Lin

※Declaration: Please pay attention to copyright issues for pictures provided by yourself for the copyright of patterns and manuscript specifications
Please be cautious if there is any infringement or illegal issue involving eroticism and ask the person who provided it to be responsible for it.