Light-colored T-shirt (single color not on white background)

Light-colored T-shirt OEM (single color not on white background)

Foundry costs
1~10 pieces-100 yuan for one side, 50 yuan for one side of the sleeve (if only sleeves are printed, it is calculated as 100 yuan)
More than 10 pieces-80 yuan for one side, 50 yuan for one side of the sleeve

Printable range:
Front and back-maximum printable area 450*350mm
Sleeve-Maximum printable area 100*100mm

※The above prices do not include clothing costs and taxes
※Please adjust the image file to the actual printing size, 300dpi resolution is better.
※File format: jpg, kebe png (the best file format is kebe png)

The number of direct-injection printing and ink concentration (printing foundry uses unified data)
1. White T printing (single color)
Printing quality: level 3
Color printing quality: Level 3 (1440x720dpi – 16pass)

2. Color T printing (two layers of white single color)
Printing quality: level 3
White printing quality: Level 3 (1440x1440dpi-8pass x2)
Color printing quality: Level 3 (1440x720dpi – 16pass)
White ink volume: +30%

※It is different from the white ink jet printing in most shops

work days
Due to the large number of orders, the delivery date is unified on the 4th day after the order is placed (working days do not include Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.)
However, the work schedule will still be arranged according to the on-site situation. If the printing is completed early, the shipment will be notified in advance.

※The delivery date of 120 pieces or more will be ordered separately.
※Urgent items will be charged for urgent items.

Material cost and expense description
Uniform use of the company's clothing OEM


76000 series Asian standard soft cotton neutral T-shirt

120 yuan each for less than 5 pieces

More than 5 pieces (including 5 pieces) 100 yuan per piece

Please refer to Gilden official 76000 series webpage

Letter to inform the color size and quantity

Please refer to the color name displayed at the bottom of the website. (Pictured above)

Clothing specifications


76000 series Asian standard soft cotton neutral T-shirt

Specification introduction

180 g/m2 (5.3oz per square yard)

100% ring spun cotton

RS sports gray: 90% cotton/10% polyester

Heather/fluorescent: 50% cotton/50% polyester

Pre-shrunk jersey fabric


2CM ribbed collar

Shoulder strips on collar and shoulders

Double needle cuffs and hem hem

Seam cut to avoid center crease

※If you need other types of clothing from Gilden, please refer to the letter from Gilden's website for inquiries.

Epson SureColor SC-F2000 features

1. Support white ink printing mode, the fabric color is not limited, regardless of the dark and light colors of the fabric can be printed

2. The color of the image is bright and vivid, and it can be accurately presented without special adjustment. The clothing printed in different colors can maintain a consistent color level

3. Epson green ink UltraChrome® DG conforms to the OEKO-TEX® Standard100 international safety agency standard, using the original factory
The fabric/T-Shirt printed with UltraChrome DG ink is completely harmless to the human body (including babies). Epson specially developed inks for cotton fabrics and
Nozzle technology, stability and reliability are upgraded. At present, the market is full of other brand inks with unknown ingredients, which may contain carcinogens, which can be directly contacted through clothing.
The skin is very harmful to the human body.

1. Before inkjet printing, a sticky roller is used to remove excess lint and fibers, but it cannot be completely removed. Therefore, the surface material of the clothes is affected by the fiber (fuzzy ball).
Some small cracks and black spots are caused by noise, but this situation is normal. In the color T printing process, two layers of white ink will be applied first and then a layer of color ink. Due to ink stacking
It is thicker, so cracking when folding clothes is a normal phenomenon. If customers want to avoid this, it is recommended that customers do not use full-page image files when drafting.

2. T-shirt printing 6cm under the front collar and the back side corresponds to 4~5cm under the front collar (when printing on the back side, because the front collar should be avoided, the thickness of the collar will cause uneven printing)
The error range within one-third of the figure is normal. The position of the printed pattern cannot be exactly the same for each piece.
It is normal for the accuracy of brushing to shift due to different sizes, and it is impossible to do accurate proofreading according to the file. The error value is within 1~2 cm.

3. The production time of each batch of T-shirts is different, the color of the finished product will have a little color difference, and the color difference value of about 15-20% is normal.

4. Perspiration T is a moisture wicking material, and the color of direct spray is darker, which is a normal phenomenon.

5. The color and effect of the same image file on different clothes may vary, which is a normal phenomenon.

6. If there are any defects such as bad printing, please report to our company within 10 days, we will provide free reprints immediately, but no other compensation can be provided.

(Such as: freight, mental loss, time limit has expired... etc.)

Precautions for laundry washing

1. Please turn the clothes into a laundry bag, use a neutral detergent (no bleach), wash and dehydrate at a low speed, and do not dry.

2. When washing by hand, avoid soaking. Please wash gently. Do not scrub with a brush or wring out vigorously. Do not bake.

3. Precautions for washing T-shirts: During the first 3 times of washing in water, due to the characteristics of environmentally friendly dyes, the dyes will naturally be released.

Please wash separately from other clothes for the first time; the color and chroma of the clothes will not be affected after the dye is released.

4. All clothes cannot be returned after washing. Please check and accept on the day of receipt. If there is any defect or the quantity is short, please call us within ten days.

Reporting problems over 10 days will not be accepted.

Service Hotline: 02-29580020 / 0912-594979 Business Manager Miss Lin

※Declaration: Please pay attention to copyright issues for pictures provided by yourself for the copyright of patterns and manuscript specifications
Please be cautious if there is any infringement or illegal issue involving eroticism and ask the person who provided it to be responsible for it.