• UF-R1216 Flatbed/Cylinder Dual-purpose UV Printer

UF-R1216 Flatbed/Cylinder Dual-purpose UV Printer

UF-R1216 flatbed/cylinder dual-purpose UV printer adopts Ricoh Gen5i print head, Ricoh Gen5i: 2.5PL-7.5PL ink droplets, stable production; making the cylinder printing screen more detailed and delicate, and can also customize the fixture according to user needs .
Model : UF-R1216

UF-R1216 Flatbed/Cylinder Dual-purpose UV Printer Using Ricoh Gen5i print head, Ricoh Gen5i: 2.5PL-7.5PL ink droplets, stable production; make round

The cylinder printing screen is more detailed and exquisite, and the fixture can also be customized according to user needs.

Applicable products: Lipstick tube/Lipstick tube, cosmetic bottle/Cosmetic bottle, PVC tube/PVC tube, glass bottle/Glass bottles, glass cup/Glass cup

Vacuum cup/Vacuum cup, metal tube/Metal tube, sports cup/Sports cup, etc...A variety of cylindrical products are suitable for processing and printing

Product name-UF-R1216 flatbed/cylinder dual-purpose UV printing machine

Product model-UF-R1216

Nozzle Model-Ricoh G5 Nozzle

Number of print heads-3PCS / 4PCS / 6PCS

Single nozzle channel-12

Number of single nozzles-1280 (4 x 320)

Ink dot size-2.5PL~7.5PL

Maximum print resolution-720x900dpi / 720x1200dpi / up to 16PASS 960x2400

Platform area-1200mm x 1600mm

Printing area-1200 x πd (π=3.14, d=diameter)

Printing diameter-cylinder diameter: 8mm~70mm

Printing material weight-about 50kg

Automatic nozzle cleaning system-color separation and positive pressure cleaning, anti-blocking flash spray function

Printing mode-white color varnish with spray

Ink configuration-C / M / Y / K / LC / LM /W

Ink curing method-UV-LED water-cooled lamp

Negative pressure method-Negative pressure automatic adjustment system

Cartridge capacity-250ml

Ink consumption-an average of only 0.8cc

Output interface-USB data transfer

Supported file formats-tiff, jpg, eps, pdf, ai

Machine size-2104mm x 2300mm x1185mm

Machine weight-500kg

Electricity demand-AC 220V

Maximum power-3500W

Lifting method-head lift + automatic height measurement

Movement mode-single Y-axis independent motor drive

Temperature/Humidity Requirements-Temperature 24℃~28℃, humidity below 70%

Operating System-Windows 7

Control System-Digital Inkjet System

Operating Software-Colorgate / PhotoPrint

Additional purchase parts-round fixture



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